The Simpsons Ultimate Figures Are Coming from Super7

Super7, a company that produces toys and collectibles based on popular culture properties, has announced the release of a line of figures from The Simpsons.

The reaction figures are coming from Super7, a company that specializes in the production of high-quality action figures.

With their latest IP acquisitions, Super7 has already put up new action figures based on the Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, Power Rangers, and other old Disney characters. The Simpsons is the newest addition to their Ultimates line, and although the show has had many toy lines previously, don’t anticipate basic copies of Bart and his pals from this collection. There is definitely a scope of characters to work with when tackling the longest-running Primetime scripted show of all time, and in Super7 form, they are not going obvious right out of the gate.

Super7’s initial wave of Simpsons Ultimates include Deep Space Homer, Moe, Robot Itchy and Scratchy, and Poochie, similar to how they started their Disney Ultimates line with characters from Fantasia, Robin Hood, and Alice In Wonderland – many of whom have never had action figures before. Yes, Poochie was included in the first wave, implying that you should prepare your wallets since this one is going to cost a lot of money.

Jackie Mason, the iconic comedian and Krusty’s father on The Simpsons, has died at the age of 93.

Their Homer figure is based on his appearance as an astronaut in the episode Deep Space Homer, in which Homer is seen being sent into space. He comes with interchangeable heads and hands, as well as an ant farm, nuclear reactor rod, bag of potato chips and loose chips, and a helmet, so you can recreate his epic space adventure.

Homer - The Simpsons Super7 Ultimate

Itchy and Scratchy Land’s Robot Itchy and Scratchy is up next. This brief part saw killer robots run crazy in Itchy and Scratchy Land, as anybody who has watched the show will recall, and that is precisely what you get with these two characters. The highlight of these figurines is an amazing variety of weaponry that they come with, such as chainsaws, mallets, axes, and machine guns, for you to enjoy creating all the Itchy and Scratchy mayhem you can manage.

Itchy - The Simpsons Super7 Ultimate Scratchy - The Simpsons Super7 Ultimate

The final character in this wave is a regular Moe, the proprietor of Moe’s Tavern, who is often abused. The figure itself isn’t based on any one episode, but fans of the show will recognize his accoutrements. There are the usual extra hands and head moulds, as well as Moe’s apron and washcloth, as always. A jar of pickled eggs, typically seen on the Tavern Bar, the red phone that Bart uses to perform his pranks, and scene-specific objects such as Panda in a Box and a Flamin’ Moe drink are also included in the set.

Moe - The Simpsons Super7 Ultimate

Finally, Poochie the dog, who was introduced into the program as a short-lived sidekick to Itchy and Scratchy and was voiced by Homer, is perhaps one of the most pleasant surprises that could have been included in this initial wave. Poochie comes with a fantastic surfboard, guitar, skateboard, and fannypack, as well as his many heads and hands. With this in your arsenal, nothing will stop you from producing all of the Poochie moments that the show lacked.

Poochie - The Simpsons Super7 Ultimate

These figures, like many of Super7’s ultimates, are now available for pre-order for approximately $55 until September 20th, but won’t arrive until far into 2022. While the price may seem to be a bit high, collectors of these figures will discover that they are among the finest available in that price range, and that they are still very inexpensive when compared to other figures available. Clearly, this is the start of a massive collection, thus it may be worth putting some money down in anticipation of future waves.

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