ESO Enchanting Guide: How to Level Enchanting (2021)

In a recent interview with ESO, they mentioned that Enchanting is going to become more important in the upcoming years. This guide will be updated every year on the occasion of an update or release from ESO.

The “eso enchanting leveling guide” is a guide that shows how to level your Enchanting. It includes all the information on what gear you need, where to get it, and how much experience you will gain from each item.

In Elder Scrolls Online, you may improve your survivability and damage by using a variety of talents and equipment. Enchanting offers for a great lot of personalization, allowing you to change the amount of damage you inflict and significantly enhance DPS for yourself and your squad. New players may ignore it, but when a group makes effective use of glyphs of crushing, flame, and other damaging enchantments, group DPS may skyrocket.

The enhanced survivability provided by glyphs such as the weakening enchantment on weapons or prismatic defense on armor might let you push through more tough content that was previously difficult to manage. Changing the enchantments on your armor and weapons will have a significant impact on how you play, depending on what you want to accomplish.

Of course, the most difficult aspect is figuring out what Jora, Oko, and Ta mean at the enchanted table. We hope that our ESO enchanting tutorial will assist you in getting into enchanting and leveling it up as efficiently as possible.

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What Are the Best Places to Look for Enchanting Materials?

Enchanting is luckily one of Tamriel’s simplest resource nodes to locate. These miniature runestones, which resemble small stone sculptures with blazing embers within, are simple to see even if you don’t have the Keen Eye passive. Enchanting runestones, in comparison to other resource nodes, are especially visible at night owing to the light they emit.

1-Enchant-Survey-Map-1024x576 1-Enchant-Survey-Map-1024x576 Image credit: HGG / Angus Green / Zenimax Online Studios

If you still can’t locate them, the Runestones with a keen eye passive will aid you in your search by lighting them even more. They may be discovered readily in fields, although they are more often found near runes or other magical areas. In big sacks, you may also be lucky and discover 5 of each category (Aspect, Potency, and Essence).

Enchanting Surveys, which you may get by turning in a daily enchanting writ, are the most effective method to obtain a large amount of enchanting resources. You’ll uncover 6 wealthy runestones after you’ve found the spot on your map, which will earn you a lot of runes. You may also deconstruct glyphs to get enchanting materials, which we’ll go over in more detail later.

1-Enchant-Survey-Map-Reward-1024x576 1-Enchant-Survey-Map-Reward-1024x576 Image credit: HGG / Angus Green / Zenimax Online Studios

The Hireling is an excellent method to gain enchanting materials without having to do anything except log into the game. Every 12 hours when it reaches its maximum level, you’ll get a bundle of enchanting supplies. If you don’t have ESO+, be aware that this will take up a lot of bank space.

Crafting – Enchanting Leveling

1-Enchant-Deconstruct-1024x577 1-Enchant-Deconstruct-1024x577 Image credit: HGG / Angus Green / Zenimax Online Studios

Leveling up in enchanting may be a real pain, since it seems like you have to spend a lot of time generating and destroying glyphs. It might be irritating not understanding how to produce particular glyphs since you are unfamiliar with all of the runes when you first start out.

Before you begin, you should purchase the “Inspiration Boost” champion point crafting tree passive. By speeding up the rate at which you level up your crafting talents, you will save a lot of time and money. There are three phases, each costing $15, that will offer you a “10% rise in your crafting inspiration.” This will increase the strength of any crafting increases you obtain by 30%, allowing you to max out the crafting skill lines much faster.

The second benefit to think about is ESO+, which offers you a 10% boost in crafting inspiration. If you don’t have ESO+, make the most of an ESO+ free week by completing a lot of crafting in a short period of time. With both of these benefits, you’ll gain a good 40% boost in crafting inspiration, which will cut down on your crafting time and save you money.

When it comes to the Essence that you utilize, creating glyphs from better materials will give you more experience (the rune that determines rarity and thus strength of what you make). Ta creates a white rarity glyph, followed by Jejota – Green, Denata – Blue, Rekuta – Purple, and lastly Kuta – Gold. Because you’ll want to reserve Rekuta and Kuta for stuff you’ll enchant onto your weapons, we recommend sticking to green and blue.

1-Enchant-Glyph-1024x576 1-Enchant-Glyph-1024x576 Image credit: HGG / Angus Green / Zenimax Online Studios

The easiest method to level up your Enchanting talent is to deconstruct glyphs, although deconstructing your own glyphs will give you less experience than deconstructing ones you discover. Greater level, higher rarity, made by another person, or discovered is what earns you the most experience from deconstructing. 

This brings us to the most effective crafting method, which is enchanting with a companion. You may easily imitate this by purchasing glyphs from a merchant and disassembling them. Finding another person who wants to level up their crafting and crafting the greatest level and rarity attainable is the best way to proceed. Trading one style for the other to deconstruct once you’ve built an agreed-upon number of that style (Deni for stamina, Makko for magicka, and Oko for health are the cheapest/easiest to get) is a wonderful technique to quickly level up.

When you get the opportunity, level up your Aspect Enhancement (which allows you to make better rarity runes) and Enhancement of potency (which allows you to craft higher level runes). You’ll manufacture another wave of glyphs with your partner and repeat the process until those passives are as high as they can be at the moment. 

(Note: If you don’t have enough enchanting materials, a guild merchant may sell them to you in bulk.) Before you purchase, go around on TTC (Tamriel Trade Center) to see what an acceptable pricing is.)

Enchantments at their Finest

Important disclaimer: any rarity glyph may be used on any rarity of item, and the glyph’s power will be retained. This implies that if you enchant a white common weapon with a golden enchantment, you will get the strength of the golden enchantment. So, if you put a golden enchantment on a purple item before golding it, you won’t have to re-enchant it afterwards.

1-Enchant-Construct-921x1024 1-Enchant-Construct-921x1024 Image credit: HGG / Angus Green / Zenimax Online Studios

The finest enchantments are different according on your job, class, and playstyle. However, there are certain golden principles for what matters most and what will be required of you in most higher-level organizations.

First and foremost, a decent tank’s back-bar ice (or other) destruction staff will nearly always have a glyph of crushing enchantment on it. The benefit it provides is very desired, since it improves group damage by lowering foes’ resistances to elemental blockage, which will proc its effect. Because Deteri is the only rune that affects armor, combining an Itade, Deteri, and Kuta rune will result in a Truly Superb Glyph of Crushing, which reduces opponent resistances by 1622. This enchantment’s worth will increase to 2108 with an infused trait on a golded out destruction staff.

The Glyph of Weakening is an useful enchantment for the healer, especially because your tank is likely to have the crusher enchantment. It reduces enemy spell and weapon damage. Because Okori is the essential rune that affects spell/weapon damage, combining an Itade, Okori, and Kuta rune yields a Truly Superb Glyph of Weakening that reduces opponent spell/weapon damage by 348. This enchantment’s worth rises to 452 when used on a golded out destruction staff with an infused characteristic.

If you aren’t utilizing a flame or poison glyph on the back bar, the reverse of the weakening glyph is frequently a good option for DPS. You’ll combine a Repora, Okori, and Kuta to create a Truly Superb Glyph of Weapon Damage by using the Okori essence rune to effect spell/weapon damage once more. A weapon with the infused characteristic will increase your spell and weapon damage by 452 instead than 348. When using weapon abilities that remain up for a long time, such as elemental blockade, unending hail, or blade cloak, you’ll be able to keep this benefit active. Another wonderful method to improve your damage is to enchant your weapons with a flame or poison enchantment, which requires Rakeipa for flame and Kuoko for poison.

Captivating Talents 

You may invest in all of these passives if you truly want to dive into enchanting. However, I only purchase Aspect Improvement and Potency Improvement when they become available. The other passives seem to be unnecessary or ineffective, since you can get by without them.

Aspect Improvement Allows you to make glyphs from of materials of greater rarity. Superior (blue) / Artifact (purple) / Legendary (yellow) / Common (white) and Standard (green) / Legendary (yellow) / Legendary (yellow) / Legendary (yellow) / Legendary (gold)
Potency Improvement Allows you to create glyphs of a higher degree. Levels 1-15 / 11-25 / 20-35 / 30-45 / level 40-champion 30 / champion 30-50 / champion 50-70 / champion 70-90 / champion 100-140 / champion 150-160 / level 40-champion 30 / champion 30-50 / champion 50-70 / champion 70-90 / champion 100-140 / champion 150-160
Keen Eye: Runestones By lighting runestones, you can see them more clearly. 20 meters, 30 meters, and 40 meters
Hireling When you log back in, you will get enchanted materials in the mail, including: Every 24 hours, enchant runes / Every 12 hours, enchant runes / Every 24 hours, enchant runes / Every 12 hours, enchant runes / Every 12 hours, enchant runes / Every 12 hours, enchant runes
Extraction of Aspects Increases the likelihood of retrieving each kind of runestone by a factor of two. 3%, 6%, and 10% are the percentages.

Finding Out What Each Rune Means is an enthralling research project.

Finding out the meaning of each rune in Enchanting might be a pain, since you’ll have to create through each one to figure out what it accomplishes. When you discover the significance of a new rune, you get some enchanting experience, although it might take some time.

1-Votans-Rune-1024x715 1-Votans-Rune-1024x715 Image credit: HGG / Angus Green / Zenimax Online Studios

Get the “Votan’s Rune Tooltips” add-on if you don’t want to go through each rune to figure out what it means. This is an extremely useful add-on that tells you what each runestone performs without requiring you to make it. This will spare you from wasting a more expensive style rune, such as the Hakeijo runes, in order to figure out what it is. Hakeijo are now selling for excess of 37K on trade guilds.

The writ will always need you to produce a regular rune with the typical white rarity Ta aspect while forging it. To get started, you’ll need to know the following runes:

Jora, Jera, Odra, Edora, Pora, Rera, Derado, Rekura, Kura, Rejera (in sequence of increasing potencies)

Deni is a Greek word that means “strength.” Makko is a Japanese word that means “magickal.” Oko is the Japanese word for health. 

Locations of Crafting Stations and How to Get Your Own

1-Enchant-Station-Rolis-1024x602 1-Enchant-Station-Rolis-1024x602 Image credit: HGG / Angus Green / Zenimax Online Studios

Enchanting crafting stations are quite simple to come by. If they aren’t out in the open, they are normally found among other crafting stations in a store, usually with alchemy or jewelry nearby. Rimmen in Northern Elsweyr, Vivec City in Vvardenfell, and Leyawiin in Blackwood are the most accessible cities with many crafting stations in close proximity to one another. Deshaan, Mournhold is probably the best base game zone for crafting, with its enchanting station inside The Kind Enchanter close to the wayshrine. Alinor, Summerset is another great place that’s slightly further away from the wayshrine, while Deshaan, Mournhold is probably the best base game zone for crafting, with its enchanting station inside The Kind Enchanter close to the wayshrine.

If you wish to have an enchanted crafting station in your house, there are various ways to do it. The first option is to purchase it for 3000 crowns from the crown shop. If you don’t want to spend actual money on one, you may receive one by completing master writs and earning writ vouchers. Rolis Hlaalu, who can be located in Elden Root (Grahtwood), Wayrest (Stormhaven), and Mournhold, will sell it to you (Deshaan).

Earning writ vouchers by enchanting master writs is one of the most cost-effective methods to gain them, although it takes a little longer since you only receive 2-5 writ vouchers when you finish them.

Crafting Missions using Enchanting Writs

3-enchant-writ-1024x576 3-enchant-writ-1024x576 Image credit: HGG / Angus Green / Zenimax Online Studios

When you turn in the quest, enchanting crafting writs are a great method to boost your level while also gaining important crafting materials. As previously said, enchanting missions will only require you to produce different degrees of stamina, magicka, and health runes, so once you know those three, it should be rather simple.

Completing the crafting task will provide you a burst of inspiration, which will help you keep rising your enchanting talent, and once you reach level 50 in enchanting, you’ll start collecting those coveted enchanting master crafting writs. 

Be a part of the High Ground

Getting to level 50 as a master enchanter isn’t easy, but with a little patience, some friends, and the ever-helpful Votan’s Rune Tooltips addon, you’ll be there in no time. We hope that this tutorial will assist you in swiftly leveling up your enchanting skill line so that you may better tailor your characters to provide the finest DPS, tanking, and healing in ESO. Follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on Elder Scrolls Online and your other favorite games.

The “eso enchanting calculator” is a tool that allows players to calculate their progress through the leveling process for Enchanting. It can be used to easily determine how much experience they need to level up and what materials they will need in order to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

How level up enchanting fast?

A: This is a difficult question to answer as many factors go into how quickly you level up. Some of those factors include your skill, the type and quality of materials that you use for enchanting, and the enchantment book & method that you are using. Generally speaking though, it can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour (or more) depending on these parameters.

Is enchanting ESO worth it?

A: It is not worth the investment.

How do you enchant in eso?

A: You need to find a person who is good with the enchanting skill.

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