All Kena Bridge of Spirits Rot Locations: How to Get No Stone Unturned

Kena Bridge of Spirits is a very popular game, but it has been riddled with bugs and glitches. The developers have not fixed the mistakes that players have made, and they are now asking players to help them find all of the stones on each level so they can fix these issues.

The kena bridge of spirits release date is the date that Kena Bridge of Spirits will be released.

Rot are little creatures that assist Kena on her trip through Bridge of Spirits, whether in battle or exploration. When you first encounter them, they seem to be blue or purple teardrops, but they develop into something much bigger and prettier. You may be wondering where they are for the No Stone Unturned award since there are hundreds of them throughout the game.

In Kena Bridge of Spirits, there are a set amount of Rot spots in each major region. By stopping the game and marking each region of the map, you can see how many you’ve discovered. On the right side of the screen, you’ll see the collectibles for that region.

I haven’t visited all of them yet since the game is still new. There also seems to be a Metroidvania element at work, with new abilities opening up new routes in old regions. As a result, there is some backtracking.

The first Rot you meet is unmistakable, and he becomes your first friend. Their sites become more harder to locate after that. Here’s a list of all the ones I’ve found so far. Of course, this is a work in progress that will be updated as new information becomes available. 

Ruins Ruins Ruins Ruins Ruins Ruins Ru (8)



This one is discovered shortly after the game’s first Rot. Use pulse to lift the granite pillars and keep an eye on the kids as they climb the cliff. Your buddy will come to a halt at the tiny rock formation in the center of the area when they reach the summit.



Continue beyond the rock structure and follow the right route for the next one. A waterfall, as well as three towering, oblong rocks with symbols etched into them, may be found near the summit. Interact with the rocks by climbing up to them.



Then turn around and leap over the gap to reach the tree bridge. The next collection may be found near the lamp in the middle of the area.



Follow the route down from the Rot above. Start from the bottom (the children will go left). Pass through the red Deadzone zone on the left and turn on the ground switch near the waterfall. Climb the pillars and pass through the waterfall to reach the rear rock wall.



Return to the beginning and follow the route that the children traveled. A chest will be in front of you at the bottom of the steps. You’ll find what you’re searching for on the inside.



You’ll discover them near the purple mushroom patch immediately to the left after fighting the first mini-boss (and watching the cutscene).

Locations of Village Rot (24)


village-rot-one-20b70 village-rot-one-location-map-24355

The first can be located in the village, just across from the hat cart. It’s atop a wooden crate in the middle of the pampas grass.



Turn right toward the tree with pink flowers at its base after conversing with Zadju and receiving Taro’s mask. Turn right, then left, right, left, left, left, left, left, left, left Descend the hill. At the end, right before the water, there will be a rock. Pick it up and another collectable will appear.

The Tree of Taro (7)



You’ll face a sprout mini boss after learning to utilize rip and reaching the warp stone. Defeat it, then combine the rot with the rip to demolish the barrier on the left side (if the children are to your back). To obtain this one, use pulse on the stone in the nook there.



Turn around and return through the jungle before seeking for Rusu. Continue along the right side of the road to the damaged bridge. A blue target hangs from a tree to the left just beyond there. The rot will sound an alarm if there is a rock underneath it. Defeat your foes and obtain what you want.



From the previous one, turn left and return to the middle route. Head south (or back toward the village). You’ll see three lanterns along the way. After the third, turn left and interact with the left-hand log on the ground.

Locations of Rusu Mountain Rot (13)


rusu-mountain-rot-one-d27a4 rusu-mountain-rot-one-location-map-a2ea0

Swim out to the extreme back left corner of the Gorge after speaking with the youngsters near the river. This one is hidden under a rock.



Return to the main beach with the warp stone and go straight through the big torii gate with the lights on both sides. At the conclusion of the oath, defeat the opponents and go to the right side of the area to locate one hidden behind a rock.


rusu-mountain-rot-three-e3dcc rusu-mountain-rot-three-location-map-a7637

Look over the cliff to the left when you reach the Ruins fast travel stone on your way up the mountain. You’ll see that you can descend. To obtain the rot, do so and utilize pulse.


rusu-mountain-rot-four-archery-range-18e84 rusu-mountain-rot-four-location-map-34e7c

Go down the left side of Rusu’s archery training field to the whirly bird training portion from the central area, where you shoot the four targets hanging from the big tree. A purple pot dangling from a tree is just to the right. To get the rot, shoot it.



These are obtained by beating Wood Knight at Rusu’s home, a must-do boss battle.


rusu-mountain-rot-eight-0d71d rusu-mountain-rot-eight-location-map-2bfa5

Turn right as you enter Rusu’s home. You’ll see a purple-lit drawer. It should be opened.


rusu-mountain-rot-nine-a8c8b rusu-mountain-rot-nine-location-map-aa2d0

Turn left as you get to the front of Rusu’s home. A tiny untilled field with a wooden wheel connected to two blue targets will be seen. After that, trigger the tear by shooting the targets. To till the field, move the rot around it, making sure to go over the purple glowing area. Vegetables will start to show up. On the purple glowing one, use pulse.


rusu-mountain-rot-ten-d213c rusu-mountain-rot-ten-location-map-8a847

A grove with a statue and a water wheel may be seen immediately behind Rusu’s home. A flower in front of the water is being tossed about in a fit. To put a halt to it, use pulse.


rusu-mountain-rot-eleven-ef069 rusu-mountain-rot-eleven-location-map-58e0a

Return to the Gorge, which is the first region of Rusu Mountain. With the tethering ability, you can reach the island to the right of the warp stone. On the purple stone there, use pulse.

For the time being, those are the Rot places in Kena Bridge of Spirits. You’ll earn the No Stone Unturned (gold) award if you gather them all. As previously said, this is a work in progress that will be updated throughout the week with additional facts. Keep an eye out for updates.

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