Urban Meyer Sounds off on Recent Report Following the Jaguars’ Embarrassing Loss to the Titans: ‘That’s Garbage’

According to a recent report, the Jacksonville Jaguars lost their first game of the season in embarrassing fashion. The team was huge underdogs and were led by head coach Doug Marrone who had been coaching for only four weeks after being let go from Buffalo Bills. Despite going 0-16 last year, this is turning out to be quite an interesting start for them as they defeated Tennessee Titans on Sunday night

Urban Meyer sounds off on recent report following the Jaguars’ embarrassing loss to the Titans: “That’s garbage.”.

Urban Meyer Sounds off on Recent Report Following the Jaguars' Embarrassing Loss to the Titans: 'That's Garbage'

It’s hard to think Meyer, Urban has been the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars for this long.

On the other hand, it’s hard to believe he was hired as the Jaguars’ head coach in the first place. Regardless, we’ve arrived.

Trevor Lawrence seems to be a shadow of himself two weeks into December, James Robinson’s use has been alarming, and the drama never ends. Meyer is said to have gone on another rant in the locker room, and the team’s humiliating defeat to the Tennessee Titans hasn’t slowed things down.

In a humiliating defeat against the Titans, the Jaguars once again fall flat.

Here’s how to make a bad week even worse: The #Titans shut out the #Jaguars, with Trevor Lawrence throwing four interceptions and James Robinson carrying just six times for four yards. Yikes.

12 December 2021 — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet)

That Tweet encapsulates everything. Lawrence had four interceptions, while Robinson only ran the ball six times. The Titans were missing AJ Brown and Derrick Henry once again, but it didn’t matter.

Jacksonville failed to score even a single point. There isn’t one. Lawrence had 221 yards and four interceptions in his debut season, which was a disaster for the former Clemson great.

It’s hard to believe this Jaguars squad has two wins, and it’s even difficult to believe they defeated the Buffalo Bills. Things in Jacksonville aren’t looking good, and Meyer went on a bizarre rant after the defeat.

With yet another strange news conference, Urban Meyer expresses his dissatisfaction.

Meyer didn’t even bother to look at Mike Vrabel. That’s remarkable in and of itself. Apart from that, Meyer had to respond to questions regarding the weekend reports, which the first-year NFL head coach was less than pleased with (h/t Albert Breer).

“Can you tell me what the answer is?” Starting to leak some information or making up stories? That’s nonsense… If a source exists, it is now jobless. I mean, in a matter of seconds.”

Urban Meyer

Um, what?

It’s fascinating to see nonsense and rubbish in the same response. Meyer is clearly troubled by the stories that have surfaced. If they’re even half-true, the Jaguars ought to put a stop to this unpleasant, drama-filled experiment.

Meyer is said to have had a run-in with Marvin Jones. Robinson was benched for his fumbles only to be reintroduced during garbage time as he recovered from an injury, and the staff meetings are a different narrative that leaves everyone perplexed.

Just when you think things in Jacksonville can’t get any worse, they do. A shutout is horrible in any scenario, but a shutout while your head coach is involved makes it extremely worse.

The Jaguars must finally call it a day on the Urban Meyer experiment and declare it a failure.

Jacksonville Jaguars HC Urban Meyer

Jacksonville Jaguars HC Urban Meyer Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer | Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Meyer’s time in Jacksonville is now more limited than it has ever been. On the football field, it’s one thing to put together a shoddy product.

It’s one thing to have chaos and disfunction in the clubhouse, but it’s quite another. Lawrence is looking more like a seventh-round selection than the generational talent he was supposed to be, as the players have lost interest and the coaching staff has seemingly threw this “crap” out there.

Meyer’s current deal must be worth a lot of money, but the Jaguars can’t keep playing these games for much longer. For the benefit of the fans and everyone else, Meyer should only be in charge for a few more weeks in Jacksonville.

The Meyer period must come to an end once and for all. Please.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

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