The feds are now investigating Activision-Blizzard as the SEC subpoenas execs including Bobby Kotick

The FTC is investigating Activision-Blizzard for possible violations of securities laws. The company has faced scrutiny in recent years amid allegations of unfair practices and poor treatment of employees.

The blizzard activision is a company that has been under investigation by the SEC. Bobby Kotick, Activision-Blizzard’s CEO and Chairman, was one of the executives subpoenaed by the SEC.

Not that kind of prison, silly!

We observed early on in our coverage of the Activision-Blizzard sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit controversy that the business’s reaction was inadequate, with the firm slamming the state of California agency in charge of the inquiry and threatening to leave the state over the complaint. Activision-Blizzard may want to put its bravado away for the time being, since the US Securities and Exchange Commission is now looking into the claims as part of a federal investigation.

The SEC has subpoenaed Activision and its officials, including none other than Bobby Kotick himself, for everything from personnel files and board meeting minutes to termination papers to Kotick’s correspondence related to employee concerns, as originally reported by the Wall Street Journal. According to the Wall Street Journal, Activision acknowledged the inquiry and said that company is “cooperating with the SEC.”

Following a two-year investigation, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed a civil rights and equal pay complaint against the business on behalf of the company’s affected workers in July. The company was initially defiant, but a steady stream of accusations, leaks, memos, and evidence eventually led to protests, apologies, multiple fired employees and executives, sponsors abandoning Blizzard esports, and a growing labor movement within the company – a labor movement whose demands have largely gone unmet by Activision-Blizzard, unless you count its contracting of a union-busting fiduciary. California’s case was recently modified to include claims that Activision-Blizzard was unlawfully tampering with witnesses and deleting evidence. Human resource employees destroyed documents linked to investigations and complaints, according to the state.

The inquiry could not have come at a worse time for Blizzard, which has placed a lot of its hopes on the Diablo II: Resurrected remake, which is set to release this week.

Here’s how it all went down:

• The SEC has subpoenaed Activision-Blizzard executives, including Bobby Kotick, as part of its investigation into the company. • World of Warcraft advertises Overlords of Outland and Shadowlands. As labor organizers take on Activision-Blizzard, 9.1.5 is released. • In patch 9.1.5, Blizzard confirms that Ion Hazzikostas is still in charge of World of Warcraft by removing references to previous workers and removing the AoE cap. Blizzard is boosting subscriptions by giving away plenty of Hearthstone and World of Warcraft treasure. McCree from Overwatch isn’t the only Blizzard character receiving a rebranding McCree, an Overwatch character, is getting a new name from Blizzard. A new lawsuit in California has been filed. Evidence was actually destroyed by Activision-Blizzard HR. Complete coverage of the Blizzard sexual harassment and discrimination controversy As more employees are exposed, the Overwatch League loses more sponsors. The poisonous culture of Activision-Blizzard • • The WoW Factor: What does Blizzard’s new leadership imply for World of Warcraft? Blizzard has reportedly fired three more important developers, including the game director for Diablo IV. • Blizzard employees address the disadvantages of boycotts, players lament WoW’s severe fall • Activision-Blizzard shareholder group slams reaction to scandal, wants board change • Activision-Blizzard employees address the downsides of boycotts, gamers lament WoW’s deep decline • Activision-Blizzard: Frances Townsend steps down from one studio position, Jeff Kurtenacker leaves • Diablo community manager describes poor pay, a sexually hostile atmosphere, and abuse at Blizzard At Blizzard, a new exposé shows even more levels of sexual harassment and discrimination. Day 17 of the Activision-Blizzard sexism scandal: • Blizzard may live on, but it will never be Blizzard again • Vague Patch Notes: Blizzard may live on, but it will never be Blizzard again • Q2 2021: Activision sales are up, Blizzard MAUs are down amid sexism controversy • Activision-Blizzard Day 14: Brack and Meschuk departures, fraud lawsuit, proto-union, and Q2 financials By not working at Blizzard, the gamer in the notorious BlizzCon video claims she “dodged a bullet.” J. Allen Brack, the CEO of Blizzard, is stepping down ahead of today’s investor call. Jeff Strain, a former co-founder of ArenaNet, has called for gaming developers to form a union. In 2018, an Activision-Blizzard employee was arrested for toilet peeping. Has Blizzard’s sexism lawsuit caused you to reconsider your gaming plans? • The WoW Factor: What makes this new Blizzard controversy stand out? • • Activision-Blizzard walkout organizers react to Kotick, Kotaku exposes attendees of the ‘Cosby suite’ • Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick: ‘The leadership team has heard you loud and clear’ • Massively OP Podcast Episode 332: Does every voice truly count at Blizzard? • Blizzard employees plan a strike over a sexism issue, and the World of Warcraft team addresses the playerbase • MMO Week in Review: RIP to the Blizzard you thought you knew • Chris Metzen apologizes for Blizzard’s culture of “harassment, inequality, and indifference” • Mike Morhaime to female Blizzard workers: “I am extremely sorry that I failed you” • Blizzard’s sexism scandal continues, with 2500 devs signing a letter condemning Acti-response Blizzard’s Activision pushes down on deflection as J Allen Brack confronts Blizzard employees over sexism controversy Furious World of Warcraft gamers conduct a protest against Activision Blizzard • California has filed a lawsuit against Activision-Blizzard for discrimination and a misogynistic, poisonous workplace atmosphere.



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