Stephen Curry Should Be Wary of Tom Brady’s Unsolicited Warning About His Newest Investment Plans

This summer, the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry is in the midst of the busiest two-month stretch of his career. He is on pace to become the NBA’s first unanimous MVP in the league’s 48-year history, he recently married longtime girlfriend Ayesha Curran, and this month he’s traveling to China to meet with the list of investors that they have lined up for their newest venture, an AI start-up.

It seems like Stephen Curry has taken a liking to Tom Brady. Over the past couple of years, the Warriors star has donated to the New England Patriots quarterback’s foundation, gone out of his way to thank Brady for his “help” in his career, and even posed with him for a photo. Now, it seems that Curry has taken his fandom to the next level, as he’s purchased an ownership stake in Brady’s Under Armour shoe line.

Just when you thought the NFL offseason couldn’t get any more bizarre, it’s now the Golden State Warriors who are feeling the need to make themselves heard. Reeling from the loss of power forward David Lee, the Warriors are now reportedly asking (and reportedly receiving) pointed questions about one of their newest acquisitions: Brandin Cooks.

When Stephen Curry isn’t burying impossible-to-hit three-pointers for the Golden State Warriors, he’s attempting to increase his $160 million net worth via different ventures. Curry is constantly on the hunt for new financial possibilities, and his latest focus seems to be cryptocurrencies.

Curry got an unsolicited response from none other than Tom Brady after reaching out to his Twitter fans for help on breaking into the growing sector. Although the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback is a big supporter of Bitcoin, he has already shown that he isn’t the most reliable source on the topic.

Stephen Curry has shown interest in becoming involved in the bitcoin world.

Stephen Curry is jumping on Tom Brady's cryptocurrency bandwagon.

Stephen Curry is jumping on Tom Brady's cryptocurrency bandwagon. During a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors reacts | Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Professional sportsmen are increasingly putting their chips in the center of the table and betting big on cryptocurrencies. Russell Okung, a former Seattle Seahawk, began the trend last year when he turned half of his $13 million contract with the Carolina Panthers into Bitcoin. As a result of the move, many crypto fans now believe Okung to be the highest-paid offensive lineman in the NFL.

Other NFL players like Trevor Lawrence and Saquon Barkley have walked straight past the cryptocurrency gate since Okung unlocked it last year. Lawrence, who was selected first overall in this year’s draft, put his whole $24.1 million signing bonus into a Bitcoin account. This summer, Barkley also declared that he will exclusively take Bitcoin for future endorsement agreements.

Curry, who is an active trader off the court, announced his entry into the crypto realm on Twitter on Monday night.

“I’m only getting my feet wet in the crypto world… “Do you have any suggestions?” He sent out a tweet.

Curry’s tweet has already received over 16,000 responses, but he certainly didn’t anticipate one from the greatest NFL player of all time.

Tom Brady gives Curry some crypto advise.

Brady may be the most well-known athlete to speak out in favor of cryptocurrencies. Brady confessed to investing in cryptocurrency and is in it for the long haul at the CoinDesk Consensus 2021 conference in May.

Brady said, “I don’t believe it’s going anywhere.” “I’m still absorbing a lot of information. It’s something I’m sure I’ll be doing for a long time.

“The world is changing; all we have to do is recognize that it is always changing, and we can choose to be ahead of the curve or behind it, and I am choosing to be ahead of the curve. As someone who wants to be ahead of the curve, I’m going to help start the trend, embrace it, and acknowledge that this is where the world is headed.”

Brady is such a huge Bitcoin supporter that he just updated his Twitter profile image to a shot of himself with “laser eyes” added to his face, which is a common fad within the Bitcoin community. So when Curry asked his fans for tips on how to get started in the area, Brady opted to give him a word of caution.

“Whatever you do, don’t do laser eyes!” says the narrator. Brady responded with a tweet.

But what exactly does it imply? Allow me to explain.

Brady’s warning is based on his own experience with Bitcoin.

Let’s go back to May for a moment. At the moment, Brady is only getting started with cryptocurrencies. Brady’s favorable remarks on cryptocurrency go viral online, prompting Twitter users to call on him to turn on his “laser eyes” in solidarity.

That’s precisely what he did. Bitcoin was worth $56,245 on the day Brady updated his profile photo. It had dropped all the way to $34,665 a month later.

Brady may be the most successful quarterback in NFL history, but he seems to be a curse for BTC. Now that the quarterback is heavily involved in cryptocurrency, he doesn’t want to see Curry repeat his mistake of tanking Bitcoin’s value on a single profile photo update.

Brady’s witty caution may be the greatest piece of advise Curry gets all week.

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In a recent interview with GQ, Stephen Curry was asked about his feelings about Tom Brady’s recent comments about his investments. In response, Curry was adamant that he couldn’t possibly be worried about an ex-superstar’s financial advice. However, Tom Brady’s recent comments have been met with a lot of skepticism and even the Warriors’ star player should be careful. He claims that Brady’s investments and lack of financial advice led to his first retirement – and he’s got a point. The $200 million investment that Brady is rumoured to be making this year is a huge risk and should really be handled by a financial advisor.. Read more about steph curry average and let us know what you think.

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