Sites Like LiveLeak: 10+ Best Alternatives in 2021

LiveLeak has been a go-to source for videos, pictures and other types of content that the mainstream media will not publish. However, this value proposition is being lost as LiveLeak fades into obscurity with time. Here are 10+ best alternatives in 2021 to see what you’re missing out on by skipping over LiveLeak today.

The internet has been around for decades and it’s time to retire LiveLeak. What will replace this popular website in 2021? Here are 10+ alternative sites that you should check out.


LiveLeak has grown into a fantastic resource for discovering and sharing films across a wide range of genres and themes, including politics, sports, memes, Hollywood gossip, and everything in between. LiveLeak is geo-restricted in several locations throughout the globe due to numerous concerns surrounding its content’s startling and gory visuals. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of sites similar to LiveLeak that will meet your video content demands.

These LiveLeak competitors are equally as popular as LiveLeak and provide access to millions of free films on the internet. So, without further ado, let’s get this party started.

List of 10+ Best Free LiveLeak Alternatives for 2021

AOL Video (#1)

sites like liveleak

AOL Video, a very popular video hosting platform, is the first entry on our list of sites like LiveLeak. AOL Video assures that it caters to viewers of all colors and regales them so much that they keep coming back to the site with its massive database housing hundreds of thousands of movies.

Although AOL Video is primarily focused on its own video content, it also allows users to find videos and entertainment-related material from other websites. Explore, My Queue, Shows, and more categories help you navigate the site. Even better, you can dig out old video from their archives.

The nicest aspect is that AOL Video does not expressly demand registration or any formal sign up procedure in order to view the films, and the website is quite simple to use.


Metacafe (#2)

sites like liveleak

Metacafe, which is modeled like LiveLeak, is a decent alternative for people who miss LiveLeak’s gorgeous UI and video collection. Furthermore, Metacafe is frequently updated with new videos and has sections like trending, newest, popular, and videos that make navigating the site a breeze.

Aside from navigation, Metacafe has a large video collection covering topics such as humor, science, sports, pop culture, how-to, video games, and entertainment. Users may view videos without registering on Metacafe, like they do on many other sites such as LiveLeak, albeit you must register to post movies.

3) DailyMotion (

sites like liveleak

If you want to keep up with what’s going on in the world, just scroll down your DailyMotion stream and watch a ton of videos for free. Dailymotion is a renowned video storage and sharing website that covers all kinds of subjects for free, from popular themes to popular musicians. You may also subscribe to intriguing channels to get their material on your feed.

Although you may watch as many videos as you like, DailyMotion does not have any specific categories for them. Nonetheless, you are free to browse the site and come across intriguing films.

4) Vimeo

sites like liveleak

Vimeo is much more structured than many of its free online video sharing contemporaries, and is without a doubt one of the greatest sites like LiveLeak online. Aside from free video material, the website also provides premium membership options with even more features. Despite the fact that the video material is a mix of site-hosted and user-generated, Vimeo is known for its high-quality collection of video uploads.

5) Watch videos on YouTube


sites like liveleak

This monster needs no introduction and reigns supreme as the one-stop shop for all things video. YouTube, like LiveLeak, is perhaps one of the most popular sites, with all forms of video material to appeal to a worldwide audience.

In fact, the site offers so much tailored video material that you’ll be glued to your displays for hours. YouTube should not be neglected as a viable option since it is completely free to publish and view videos online.

6) Flickr

sites like liveleak

Although many people think of Flickr as an image storage site, did you realize it can also be used to store videos? When it comes to viewing free films, Flickr doesn’t let you down. It has a ton of vibrant video material. Apart from providing films through user-generated material, Flickr also does a good job of managing your media assets.

Flickr may also be used as a username in social media. However, in order to post movies through an account, users must first sign up.

7) The World of eBaum


If you have a lot of spare time and like viewing funny films on the internet, Ebaums’s World should be on your radar. It has a wide range of videos from many genres and is comparable to sites like Rabbit in that regard. You may sort video material into categories like failures, combat videos, gags, and so on.

Ebaum’s World is, in reality, one of the top sites like Liveleak where you can get free photos, games, and access to a variety of channels. The only drawback to this website is that it has an interface that is littered with adverts, but at least you can post your own films and become famous!

8) MyVidster is a video-sharing website.

sites like liveleak

MyVidster is another useful LiveLeak competitor that allows you to watch free videos and integrates with other platforms so that users can access all of their favorite films in one place. Does this seem appealing to you? There’s a lot more to come. MyVidster also allows you to share videos and follow other individuals on the network to see what videos they have uploaded. In total, you may not only watch a wide range of videos on MyVidster, but you can also browse collections from other websites such as LiveLeak, Vevo, Funny or Die, and many more.

9) Veoh

sites like liveleak

Veoh is a user-friendly and straightforward layout that offers a plethora of free films, movies, music, and other content that will interest visitors at first sight. Veoh’s video material covers a wide range of topics, including how-to, action & adventure, humor, horror, and more.

It’s also a great place to go to find out about new anime and watch the newest movies online. But, you may wonder, what’s the catch? Users must initially register on the site before they may post their stuff.

10) LaughOrDie


Do you like to watch humorous videos while grinning from ear to ear? FunnyOrDie is a must-have for memephiles who can’t get enough of “dank memes and humorous videos.” FunnyOrDie is well-known for being a diverse site for discovering hilarious celebrity videos.

Aside from videos and memes, FunnyOrDie also has amusing articles that are sure to make you laugh. Furthermore, FunnyOrDie has a really clean and elegant UI that will keep you captivated to your screens for a long time.

That’s all there is to it! Did you like our list of the top LiveLeak alternatives? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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