Nasty FIFA 22 bug makes goalkeepers fly in Career Mode

A bug in FIFA 22 made goalkeepers fly into the stands during a match. This was not part of the official game, but it did get noticed by players online.

FIFA 22 has a bug in the career mode that causes goalkeepers to fly into the air. If you have this problem, there is a quick fix.

Nasty FIFA 22 bug makes goalkeepers fly in Career Mode


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  • This has to be the strangest of all the FIFA 22 glitches.
  • You’ll now have to score goals against superheroes in Career Mode.
  • That’s true, certain goalkeepers now have the ability to teleport and fly.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team players do not seem to be affected by the issue.


Yes, goalkeepers are infamous for sometimes putting on Superman-like displays, whether in real life or in FIFA 22, when they save everything.

However, a recent game flaw grants goalkeepers superpowers, allowing them to actually fly all over the place, preventing everything.

This glitch defies both logic and gravity.

FIFA 22 hasn’t been able to avoid bugs in its early stages, with Kimpembe travelling to space and the infamous no-loss issue prompting players to be banned, as it has in previous years.

Now, a new problem has been detected in the game, although it’s a lot less serious and doesn’t seem to be impacting Ultimate Team players.

User ZippidyZayz had an unexpected occurrence while playing FIFA 22’s Career Mode, in which one of the goalkeepers practically ran away with the ball.


One of the players in the game fired a shot that bounced off the foot of a defender. In an effort to prevent the original shot, the goalie was almost halfway through a diving animation.

The goalie chose to halt their rise after reaching a certain height, but the ball’s momentum drove it miles into the air.

Throughout this time, the goalie was precisely positioned underneath the ball, which was still in the air, ready to scoop it up in their arms.

Of course, the community couldn’t pass up the chance to turn this into a meme and convey some rather amusing views on the situation.

Although the makers have not issued an official comment, we hope that this will be fixed as soon as possible to prevent damaged controllers and destroyed friendships.

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Also, if you need help picking which icon cards or young players to purchase, you may refer to our dedicated articles for guidance.

Have you run across this problem when playing FIFA 22? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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The “fifa 22 glitch” is a bug that was present in the game’s Career Mode. The bug made goalkeepers fly when they tried to stop shots.

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