‘I Kind of Took Myself Away From Being in the Public Eye’

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We all know how Scottie Pippen feels about the docuseries The Last Dance, which chronicled his and Michael Jordan’s 1997-98 Chicago Bulls season. He believes the program focused too much on Jordan’s talent and not enough on the squad as a whole.

Some viewers may not be aware, however, that the documentary also contributed to Pippen’s decision to leave the show.

Pippen had been working for ESPN prior to the premiere of The Last Dance. However, he recently stated that the blockbuster show was a factor in his departure from the network.

The most successful ESPN documentary of all time was ‘The Last Dance.’

It would be an understatement to suggest that The Last Dance carried ESPN amid the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak. The Bulls docuseries filled everyone’s hunger for furious competition while simultaneously delivering an intimate look at one of the greatest dynasties of all time during a period when there were no sports.

It was also a financial success, as seen by the figures.

5.648 million people turned in on average over the documentary’s 10-episode run, according to Yahoo. As a result, it became ESPN’s most-watched documentary of all time. It has now gone on to be a huge hit on Netflix.

Scottie Pippen, on the other hand, has said that he was not pleased with the series and that he even pulled himself from the public spotlight prior to its release.

For ‘The Last Dance,’ Scottie Pippen took a break from ESPN.

Actor Michael B. Jordan and NBA legend Scottie Pippen on ESPN in 2019.

Actor Michael B. Jordan and NBA legend Scottie Pippen on ESPN in 2019. On ESPN’s ‘The Jump,’ Michael B. Jordan (left) and Scottie Pippen converse before a game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers on Dec. 25, 2019. | Getty Images/Allen Berezovsky

Pippen has been making appearances on ESPN’s defunct NBA program The Jump prior to The Last Dance.

However, he recently disclosed why he left the airwaves.

On the December 2 broadcast of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, he remarked, “I believe I sort of withdrew myself away from being in the public spotlight throughout the documentary.” “I’m not sure if people remember, but when the documentary came out, I was working for ESPN and took a break because I didn’t want to have to tell the tale of what occurred 20 years earlier.”

It’s unclear if Pippen is referring to a single incident (such as when he was benched in Game 3 of the 1994 Eastern Conference playoffs) or the whole decade covered in the documentary. But it seems he was just uninterested in recounting his life from more than two decades ago on ESPN day after day after day.

Will Pippen make a comeback to the sports network? That response is also unclear, but considering his disdain for the greatest documentary of all time, it’s difficult to see the six-time NBA champion making frequent appearances.

Scottie Pippen continued to speak about his dissatisfaction with the docuseries.

As previously stated, Scottie Pippen is dissatisfied with how The Last Dance represented him and his teammates in compared to Michael Jordan’s depiction. MJ was portrayed as a larger-than-life superhero in the series.

While speaking with Trevor Noah, Pippen proceeded to detail his difficulties with the doctor.

“I felt like the documentary wasn’t really about The Last Dance because I felt like a lot of footage was taken that was going to be really praising one of the greatest teams that really ever been put together in the NBA and really praise a lot of the people that were a part of that great team,” he said while discussing his memoir Unguarded. “I get the impression that Michael Jordan was the only architect and controller of the documentary. And I didn’t think it did credit to many of the great players [and] coaches who were a part of the trip. It was something I felt strongly about expressing as a team.”

Whether or not you agree with the portrayal of Pippen and others in The Last Dance, it has undoubtedly been a gift that keeps on giving. Today, the principal characters, including Scottie, continue to make news. It was a cultural phenomenon that sparked serious debates about one of the best teams in history.

Scottie Pippen Slams Michael Jordan’s Treatment of Bulls Teammates, Claims They Won ‘In Spite’ of His Actions: ‘I was a far better teammate than Michael was at any point in his career.’

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