Fitbit Charge 5 announced with ECG and stress level monitoring

Fitbit, founded in 2007 by James Park and Eric Friedman, is a global leader in the consumer tracker category. The company develops wearable activity trackers designed to motivate people to lead healthier lives.

The “ecg fitbit charge 5” is a new fitness tracker from Fitbit with ECG and stress level monitoring.

The Fitbit Charge 5 smart tracker was recently unveiled by Fitbit. The new wearable features a slimmer design that is more comfortable on your wrist and can monitor ECG and even stress levels.

Fitbit has never released a revamped health tracker with a fresh appearance before. The Charge 3 was the most recent revision, which took place in 2018. While the design stayed loyal to the brand and range, a few minor tweaks improve the device’s overall feel and appearance.

The Fitbit Charge 5 also has a new AMOLED always-on color display that is twice as bright as the previous model. When performing activities outdoors and in direct sunshine, the display should be much more apparent. It also has Fitbit Pay compatibility, can sync notifications, and comes with 20 distinct clock face choices. 

New sensors, including as GPS, ECG, and EDA sensors, are also included. It can keep track of your heart’s health and stress levels. Spo2 and skin temperature monitoring, which were introduced with the Charge 4 series, are also included. According to Fitbit, the battery should last 7 days on a single charge, but using the always-on display function may drain the battery considerably faster.

Fitbit Charge 5 Black


Fitbit Charge 5 Lunar White

White of the Moon

Fitbit Charge 5 Steel Blue

Blue Steel

This adds up to a fantastic overall improvement, making this fitness tracker a superior smartwatch and health tracker. The Fitbit Charge 5 will cost $179.95 and come in Black, Lunar White, and Steel Blue colors. Fitbit’s website allows you to pre-order it now, and it will be available in the autumn. Fitbit hasn’t said when it will be ready for purchase.

What are your first impressions of the new Fitbit Charge 5? Will you replace your current fitness tracker? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Fitbit Charge 5

    Pre-orders for Fitbit’s newest and greatest fitness tracker are now open. It has a redesigned design, as well as an always-on AMOLED display and new sensors.


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The “fitbit charge 5 sensors” is a fitness tracker that has been announced. It includes an ECG and stress level monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fitbit Charge 5 have ECG?

A: Unfortunately, Fitbit does not currently have any devices with in-built ECG capabilities.

Which Fitbits have stress management?

A: The Fitbit Charge HR, the Fitbit Alta, and the Fitbit Inspire.

Will Fitbit release a new tracker in 2021?

A: No, there are no current plans for Fitbit to release a new tracker in 2021.

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