Crusader Kings 3 Faith and Fervor, A Guide to Religion

This guide is a comprehensive look at how to play with religion in Crusader Kings 3. It will provide you with the necessary background information and ideas on how to incorporate it into your game.

The “crusader kings 3 religion list” is a guide that lists the religions in Crusader Kings 3.

Crusader Kings 3 Faith and Fervor, A Guide to Religion

Crusader Kings 3 Faith and Fervor, A Guide to Religion

Crusader Kings 3 has a lot to say about religion, since it is a portrayal of medieval Europe. Medieval life was full of religious strife and political battles, and monarchs and counties would often accept the latest must-have heretic. We’ll look at the fundamentals of religion in this book, as well as the Doctrines that have been lurking in the background of your climb to power.

We’ll start with the Religion screen, which is located in the bottom left of your screen. When you click this, the map changes to religious map mode and a window for your current faith appears. This window has a lot of information; however, don’t get too caught up in the specifics just yet.

It will be very straightforward if you’re playing a Catholic start and are acquainted with Christianity, but we’ll start with the basics and work our way up.

Head of Faith, CK3

Crusader Kings 3 Faith and Fervor, A Guide to Religion

The religious affairs of most faiths are overseen by a Head of Faith. If a Head of Faith exists, there are two types: Spiritual and Temporal, each with their own set of characteristics.


  • As a theocracy, they rule over their own territory.
  • A notable clergy member is appointed to the position.
  • Pious characters may be granted claims on landed titles.
  • Characters may be granted gold in return for their piety and opinion.
  • If the Faith conducts Great Holy Wars, the Head of the Faith has the authority to choose the target.


  • Is the Faith’s founder and their direct heirs
  • If the Faith conducts Great Holy Wars, the Head of the Faith has the authority to lead them and choose the target.

CK3 Devotion and Piety

Piety is a religious currency that is earned via a monthly tick and special events. This cash is used to proclaim Holy Wars and purchase clerical favors.

The degree of Devotion determines how the clergy of the Faith see you, ranging from neutral to Faithful, Devoted Servant, Paragon of Virtue, and finally to the huge +60 for becoming a Religious Icon. This increases when your Piety increases, although it is unrelated to any particular levels. This means that you may spend Piety without sacrificing Devotion. The only method to lose levels is to participate in numerous activities that might push you to the undesirable Sinful condition.

Sins and Virtues (CK3)

Characters may have both sins and virtues as personality traits. Some of them are beneficial, while others are bad. Depending on the observer’s Faith, a character will get an opinion modifier if they have any of these.

Consider the word compassionate. There is a distinct grouping for the Faith opinion, in addition to several modifications that alter regular gameplay. In this situation, Catholics consider Compassionate to be Virtuous, granting a +10 rating from Catholic characters. In addition, it grants +1.0 Piety each month.

This Faith modification is the same for all Virtues mentioned in the Catholicism window, but Sins lose 10 opinion and 1 piety every month in the other manner. These traits will have a significant impact on events and stress levels, but it is outside the scope of this article.

Tenets of CK3

Crusader Kings 3 Faith and Fervor, A Guide to Religion

Tenets may be thought of as the Faith’s ceremonies, and each religion has three of them, with considerable overlap across comparable Faiths. To continue our limited investigation, we’ll go through the Catholic Tenets, although this is by no means comprehensive, since Paradox has incorporated well over a hundred other faiths, each with its own set of Tenets.

Pilgrimages with Arms

  • Piety reduces the cost of Holy Wars by 20%.
  • Allows a religious leader to proclaim Holy Wars with great zeal.
  • Per Holy Site possessed, gains a boost to religious conversion council action (if no Head of Faith exists)
  • Members of this Faith who complete a Pilgrimage get special rewards.


  • To eliminate Criminal act modifiers or obtain Piety, give Head of Faith gold.
  • Characters may be excommunicated by heads of faith.
  • Honesty becomes a virtue, while deception becomes a sin.


  • Courtiers have the option of taking vows and becoming monks.
  • Temperance becomes a virtue, while gluttony becomes a sin.

As we can see, several of them provide genuine, practical advantages to being a member of that Faith, albeit there are perhaps superior Tenets in some of the lesser Faiths. Cathars, for example, have the Consolamentum Tenet, which reduces the length of the Short Reign by half and allows people to commit suicide when they are elderly or infirm without incurring the regular punishments.

Doctrines of CK3

Tenets aren’t the only thing that distinguishes Faiths; many of a belief system’s rules are classified as Doctrines. Marriage, Crime, and Clergy, as well as a Special category, have Doctrines for most parts of life. Each of these documents spells out what you may and cannot do, thereby making them religious law. Taking divorce as an example, we can see that it must be sanctioned by the Pope in the Catholic Faith.

Each faith also has a set of main doctrines that define its essential values. In the case of Catholicism, this entails a male-dominated society that severely limits women’s roles in many areas, with all Temples being administered by a Realm Priest who subsequently serves their liege as a Theocratic Vassal.

CK3 Pilgrimages and Holy Sites

Crusader Kings 3 Faith and Fervor, A Guide to Religion

Each faith has its own set of Holy Sites strewn over its historical territory. If one of the rulers of that religion owns a Holy Site, all rulers of that faith get a bonus. Many of them are minor adjustments, but they may be valuable to you depending on your faith.

Note: Some of them do not apply bonuses properly at the time of writing, but the most seem to function OK.

A character’s choice to go to a Holy Site is referred to as a pilgrimage. This voyage is full with perilous chances and outright danger, yet completing it grants the character Piety as well as other benefits like Traits.

Holy Orders (CK3)

Holy Orders are mercenaries that you pay for with Piety to battle other Faiths. We go over them in greater depth in our Troops Guide, but suffice to say they’re mercenaries that you pay for with Piety to fight other Faiths.

Fervor of CK3

Crusader Kings 3 Faith and Fervor, A Guide to Religion

Fervor is a word that describes how dedicated adherents of the Faith are to their religion. A high Fervor makes it simpler to convert Counties to your Faith while making your own is more costly.

Various events will often occur in the background that might effect Fervor, however major Faiths have a lower proportion of Fervor than lesser Faiths. The number may also be modified via Holy Wars, since the cost of conducting a war decreases while the cost of fighting against it rises.

As a side note, just under your Fervor % at the top of the window is an option for Other Faiths, which displays a list of all possible Faiths and the number of Counties they cover. The religion window will show you what they have to offer as you browse through them, and the map mode will change to reveal their Holy Sites.

Holy Wars (CK3)

Crusader Kings 3 Faith and Fervor, A Guide to Religion

Many faiths permit holy wars, which are conflicts between opposing belief systems. The Abrahamic Faith allows Holy Wars to be waged against anybody, but the Eastern Faith only allows them to be fought against other Families. Pagans have the ability to battle them against anybody, but they must first be reformed.

If a neighbor who shares your faith is attacked in a Holy War, you have the option of fighting with them regardless of Alliances. If you’re the aggressor, this may work against you, so make sure you consider the overall power of a Faith before declaring on one of its rulers.

In several faiths, the heads of faith might proclaim great holy wars. Depending on the kind of head, they are classified as directed or undirected.


  • A Temporal Head declares a nation to be under their direct control.
  • It is open to rulers of the same faith to join.


  • A Spiritual Head declares a nation to be under their Faith.
  • These begin with a planning phase in which rulers on both sides might offer military and financial assistance.
  • If the assaulting Faith is successful, the Kingdom is given to a ruler of that Faith. Piety is one of the other prizes.

Conversion of CK3

Holy Wars aren’t the only means to convert an entire people to a new religion. The Council action Convert Faith in County is the most typical method. We go through this in more detail in the Council Guide, but in essence, you’ll dispatch your Realm Priest to preach to your rebellious citizens.

On the character screen, you can also utilize the Demand Conversion interaction. There are various possible outcomes here, and depending on what you’re attempting to do, you may desire different ones.

  • Rejection – They may flatly reject to convert at times.
  • Acceptance at a Cost – They will often ask for a contribution to alter your mind.
  • Acceptance – Depending on whether they like or fear you, they may convert right away.

Normally, you’d want them to just accept it, but that isn’t always the best option. When a heretic Vassal refuses to convert, he becomes a Criminal who may be imprisoned without facing Tyranny. This is an excellent approach to deal with a thorny Vassal, since they can’t join factions or rise up against you as a prisoner.

In rare situations, they may even elude arrest and rise up against you, as is often the case with Powerful Vassals who may constitute a danger to you. This has the virtue of being criminals who will fight without pulling you into a full-fledged civil war. Once you’ve beaten them, you’ll be able to Revoke Title without incurring any penalties. You can only do this once, but if they have a Duchy, you may strip them of numerous Counties at once, then ransom the character to pay for your war.

CK3 Faith-Building

Crusader Kings 3 Faith and Fervor, A Guide to Religion

If you’ve read this far, you must be quite interested in learning all there is to know about Faith, or at least the information included in this guide. The last act is creation, which is the establishment of a new faith.

Be careful that doing so makes your old Faith enemies and costs a significant – some even say unattainable – amount of Piety, depending on how you set it up. If you’re serious about starting a new religion, we suggest studying the Learning Lifestyle and spending some time in the Theologian tree. This unlocks the Prophet Perk, which reduces the cost of creation by half.

If you want to save even more money, it’s a good idea to wait until your existing Faith’s Fervor is low, since this will significantly cut the prices.

Crusader Kings 3 Faith and Fervor, A Guide to Religion

Create New Christian Faith will appear at the bottom of the religion window to start the procedure. This opens up a new page where you can give your religion a name and then customize all of its features. There are numerous restrictions for which choices are compatible with which, but in general, you may create anything from a female-dominated, polygamous religion to a cannibalistic sex cult, with you as the Head of Faith or with a new Spiritual leader who sits in judgement of your misdeeds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is fervor good or bad CK3?

A: Fervor is a good melee weapon, with damage scaling and an AOE attack. It can be used to overwhelm enemies in close-quarters combat or for taking out distant targets.

How do you increase faith in Crusader Kings 3?

A: You cant. The game is built around a rulers ability to amass power and that has nothing to do with faith, other than how it impacts the players decisions in regards to their own character.

How does fervor work CK3?

A: Feral is the ability to instantly kill any unit with a single hit before their weapons finish reloading.

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