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The city of Phoenix is under a state of emergency due to the extreme heat and drought. In response, Mayor Greg Stanton created a task force to address the issue.

The colorado drought task force is a group of people who are working to help the community in Colorado during this time. They will provide information about what is going on and how they can help.

Debbie Arnold, 5th District Supervisor

It’s great to see events and activities resuming across the North County. I had a great time reconnecting with old acquaintances at the 11th annual Atascadero Kiwanis Mayor’s Winemaker Dinner.

I like the organizers’ ingenuity in dividing visitors into smaller groups this year. At O’Malley’s Portola Inn, I joined others for a lovely evening. Every year, the Kiwanis raise money at this event to support worthwhile initiatives across the city, and I want to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this event.

Summer has been scorching so far! This is definitely exacerbating the drought scenario we’ve found ourselves in after a year with lower-than-average rainfall. According to Scotty Jalbert, Director of the County Office of Emergency Services, majority of the County is suffering severe drought as of June 28 and is projected to shift into the exceptional drought category by autumn.

We’re going to get through this together, Atascadero


On July 13, the Board of Supervisors declared a local drought emergency, and the County has reconstituted a Drought Task Force. Rainfall totals in the County were about half of what they should have been, and reservoir levels are low. The County will create outreach strategies to promote water conservation and offer advice on how to do so effectively. Water resources are generally adequate for two years, although conservation begins early to make supplies last longer. Check out item 39 on the Board of Supervisors’ agenda on July 13 for further information and water conservation ideas. The staff papers provide a comprehensive report.

On July 20, the Board of Supervisors will resume the process of redistricting the county’s district boundaries. This is part of a ten-year cycle that begins once the census is completed. Due to a change in the schedule this year, the procedure will not be completed until late this year. Normally, census data is sent to local governments by April 1, but this year it won’t be until September 24. The current deadline for redistricting supervisorial districts in the County is Dec. 15. If the deadline is not met, the courts will be responsible for defining the boundaries. Every ten years, boundary boundaries are modified to account for population fluctuations.

The county is split into five supervisorial districts, each of which must have a population that is comparable to the other districts. California’s state assembly and senate districts, as well as congressional districts, are being redrawn by an independent committee. All of this essential effort will result in lines being adjusted to meet demographic shifts, which will be reflected in the elections next year. Visit the County Board of Supervisors agenda for July 20, documents for agenda item 25 for additional information on the local redistricting process.

I hope to see you at the Mid-State Fair this year. It is a privilege to serve as Supervisor for the 5th District.

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The cwcb board members is a task force that was created to help with the current drought. They are looking for volunteers and donations.

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