Monster Hunter Rise: Best Sword and Shield Build Guide

The Monster Hunter series is a popular franchise that has been around for over a decade. With the release of Monster Hunter World, many players are excited to try out this new installment in the series. In this guide, we will be discussing the best sword and shield build for beginners in Monster Hunter World.

The monster hunter rise sword and shield support build is a guide that can help players find the best sword and shield builds.

Few people are as well-prepared for everything as a Sword and Shield user. Although the other weapons are impressive, can a Hammer cut a tail? Is it possible to KO the monster with a Long Sword? Is it possible for a Switchaxe to stop an oncoming fireball? While it is a beginner-friendly weapon, the Sword & Shield is a real multi-tool of devastation in the hands of a master. We’ll go through some of the finest Sword and Shield setups available in Monster Hunter Rise so you can achieve the same high levels of slashing and blocking.

Let’s get this party started, hunters!

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Monster Hunter: Rise of the Monsters | Best Swords and Shields

While Swords and Shields may dish out elemental damage like no other, it seems that in Monster Hunter Rise, raw damage reigns supreme. Keep an eye out for high raw and white sharpness while choosing a Sword & Shield. Here are our top three picks for everyday use:

Weapon Damage Unprocessed Element/Status Affinity
In the Dead of Night 180 None 30%
Sword of Tigrex 220 None -15%
Rapier, Queen 220 28 Poison 10%

The Nargacuga Sword & Shield, In the Dead of Night comes in first place as our top pick. The raw damage isn’t very remarkable, but possessing White Sharpness from the start compensates for this. With a second-level slot and a healthy dose of affinity, this Sword & Shield will fit into a variety of builds and perform well against any monster. If you just wanted to make one Sword & Shield, here is the place to do it.

Tigrex Sword is similar to Flash in the Night in that it has white sharpness and does not need Handicraft. However, because of the negative affinity and shortage of slots, your skill selection may be limited, causing your build to run a bit tighter. Choose this Sword & Shield if you want to get as much DPS as possible, even if it means sacrificing defensive abilities.

Queen Rapier’s sharpness is only blue by default, therefore you’ll need at least 3 points of Handicraft to obtain white sharpness. Additionally, if you want to use the weapon’s poison, you’ll need to prepare ahead to prevent losing sharpness quickly.

Best Sword & Shield Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise

Switch Skills are accessible in Sword & Shield, enabling you to fine-tune your build depending on what you wish to accomplish. You’ll discover that both choice is suitable for usage, although one will favor raw damage while the other will be more beneficial for elemental builds. We’ve included all of the Switch Skills below, along with some thoughts:

Combo of Hard Bashers (Switch Skill 1A)

SNS-HardBasher Capcom courtesy of HGG / Jacob Johnson

  • The only weapon used in this Melee assault is a shield. A direct blow to the head, on the other hand, may offer up additional possibilities.
  • After a shield assault, press A to activate the controls.
  • How to Unlock: This feature is enabled by default.

The Combo of Hard Bashers offers the Sword & Shield a consistent method to inflict blunt damage by striking with the shield. This implies that when you strike the monster’s head, you’ll produce stuns, and when you hit anyplace else, you’ll build up Exhaust.

You won’t lose any sharpness while performing this combination since you’ll be using the shield for the strikes. Unfortunately, this implies that any element or condition that you have on your Sword & Shield will not apply to these strikes. When your main emphasis is raw damage, you’ll want to utilize this switch talent.

Combo Drill Slash (Switch Skill 1B)

SNS-DrillSlash Capcom courtesy of HGG / Jacob Johnson

  • When paired with an elemental weapon, the Drill Slash is a multi-hit strike with great potential.
  • After a shield assault, press A to activate the controls.
  • Craft or upgrade 8 distinct Swords and Shields to unlock.

The Combo Drill Slash is a counter to the Hard Basher Combo, focusing on delivering a lot of elemental and status damage. Just bear in mind that the multi-hit will eat up all of your sharpness.

Slashing Forward (Switch Skill 2A)

SNS-AdvancingSlash Capcom courtesy of HGG / Jacob Johnson

  • A drawn strike in which you execute a downward slash while taking a step forward.
  • Controls: While the sword is sheathed, press forwards and X, or X+A while the weapon is not sheathed.
  • How to Unlock: This feature is enabled by default.

The Slashing Forward is a fantastic gap closer, even if it is a little simple. It’s a fast way to jump in and get your bread and butter combinations started. It also provides a modest shield against weak staggers, which is very helpful in multiplayer hunts when your colleagues may strike you. In Rise, though, fitting in Flinch Free is a lot simpler, and it gives the same protection.

Slash Slash Slash (Switch Skill 2B)

SlidingSlash-SNS Capcom courtesy of HGG / Jacob Johnson

  • The victim is slashed twice with this sliding strike. You will be propelled into the air with a Scaling Slash if the initial slash strikes.
  • Controls: While the sword is sheathed, press forwards and X, or X+A while the weapon is not sheathed. You may convert the slide into a leaping slash by pressing A while sliding.
  • Unlock 3 Village Quests or 2 Hub Quests by completing 3 Village Quests or 2 Hub Quests.

The Sliding Slash has a lot more flare than the Slashing Forward, but it comes at the cost of lengthier animations. You’ll either be sliding down the ground or being thrown into the air, which means you won’t be able to respond to anything the monster does.

Launching into the air with the initial blow allows for quick access to the shield’s Falling Bash attack. 

There’s also a window of invincibility for technical hunters, since you’re propelled into the air immediately after landing the initial slash. This may be a showy method to escape strikes that would otherwise be difficult to avoid, but I suggest practicing with the Toadversary’s stomp first to get a feel for the timing.

Windmill (Switch Skill 3A)

SNS-Windmill Capcom courtesy of HGG / Jacob Johnson

  • A multi-stage assault that uses the silk of a Wirebug to spin the weapon around. While the weapon is whirling, any incoming strikes may be deflected.
  • Controls: While holding ZL, press A.
  • How to Unlock: This feature is enabled by default.

Windmill is the first of the interchangeable Wirebug abilities, and it hits many times in a large area around you. While the blade is whirling, there is a wide window of invincibility, making it a simple method to escape many strikes. This strike is excellent for elemental and status builds since it hits many times, but be prepared to lose a lot of sharpness.

Shoryugeki Metsu (Switch Skill 3B)

SNS-MetsuShoryugeki Capcom courtesy of HGG / Jacob Johnson

  • Description: A leaping Wirebug attack that uppercuts your opponent with your shield.
  • Controls: While holding ZL, press A.
  • Complete the 4 Hub Quest “Study the Sword & Shield” to unlock it.

Shoryugeki Metsu is so much fun and so showy that I’m fighting the urge to install Wirebug Whisperer simply so I can play it more frequently. This is an excellent method to strike high monster heads and shock them (while not losing sharpness). The fact that you can Falling Bash your way down for a second round of stun is the cherry on top.

The true pleasure comes when you use the talent since you have a short window where you can stop any oncoming strikes. If you successfully block during this time, the uppercut will become a multi-hit strike that hits the skull and stuns heavily. I was sold the first time I stopped a Rathian’s bite and then K.O.’d her with the uppercut that resulted. 

However, the guard window is far narrower than the Windmill’s invincibility, so there is still another excellent reason to put the Toadversary through its paces.

Best Sword & Shield Builds in Monster Hunter Rise

The ability of the Sword & Shield to adapt to virtually any scenario is one of its greatest features. We attempted to demonstrate this in our build suggestions, which emphasize the many different ways this weapon may be utilized on the hunt. 

Early Ranks (Build 1)

SNS-EarlyRanks-1024x576 SNS-EarlyRanks-1024x576 Only a mother could appreciate this set. | Capcom via HGG / Jacob Johnson

You may need some assistance getting your feet under you if you decide to take up the Sword & Shield early in your hunting career. This build, which can be created in the middle of Low Rank, offers a nice balance of offensive and defensive abilities to help you get your bearings. 

Weapon/Switch Techniques Armor
Sword of the Fighter Wroggi Helm is a fictional character.
Combination of Hard Bashers Mail from Barroth
Slashing Forward Gauntlets Jaggi
Windmill Elytra Skalda
  Greaves, Wroggi

I didn’t give any extra skill suggestions with this build since it’s a bit early to be concerned about making decorations or talismans. This build will receive 2 points in Evade Extender and a couple points in Attack Boost and Critical Eye even without decorations. 

You may exchange the Wroggi head and legs for the Barroth Helm and Baggi Greaves if you’re an experienced hunter who’s played previous monster hunter games. This will give you a few extra Attack Boost points to help you through the early battles.

You’ll want to swap out your Fighter Sword for the Hidden Edge I as soon as the Nargacuga battle is enabled.

The Switch Skills suggested here are a mix of the simplest to utilize and the ones that are accessible at this Hunter Rank.

Build 2 – Valstrax/DPS Endgame

SNS-Valstrax-1024x576 SNS-Valstrax-1024x576 Capcom courtesy of HGG / Jacob Johnson

After you’ve fought your way to the top of the food chain, you may want to invest in a pair of posh wares to aid with endgame content. This build provides some of the best protection in the game while also offering some of the most useful DPS abilities. What’s more, what’s more, what’s more, what’s more If there’s a talent you’d rather not lose, you have a few of decorating spaces to play with.

Skills: Weapon/Ramp-up/Switch Armor Prioritize your skills
Flash in the Night Helm of Valstrax 3rd critical boost
3rd Attack Boost Mail from Valstrax 4th Critical Eye
Hard Basher Combo Braces Valstrax 7th Attack Boost
Advancing Slash Coil Valstrax 3rd Master’s Touch
Shoryugeki Metsu Greaves Valstrax Sharpening Speed 3

Because you’re wearing full Valstrax armor, you’ll want to keep your health below 80 percent to take advantage of Dragonheart’s damage. Valstrax armor will get 3 points of Weakness Exploit, allowing you to put 3 points of Critical Boost in as soon as possible. From there, you may utilize Critical Eye to fill out your affinity (just 4 points are required to reach 100% affinity on vulnerable areas) and Attack Boost to stack damage. Attack Boost may be swapped out for abilities like Evade Extender or Wirebug Whisperer if you don’t mind reducing your DPS for safety.

If you’re playing multiplayer, be sure to utilize any remaining level 1 slots for Speed Sharpening or Flinch Free.

Choosing the Hard Basher Combo and Metsu Shoryugeki as your Switch Skills will enable you to concentrate on utilizing shield combinations for damage while maintaining your white sharpness. Unlike Sliding Slash, Advancing Slash does not lock you into motions, making it simpler to employ against some of the game’s most difficult enemies.

Last but not least, Tigrex Sword may be substituted for Flash in the Night without making too many additional modifications. To get Critical Eye up to 7 points, just drop as much Attack Boost as you need. 

Queen’s Rapier (Build 3)

SNS-QueenHeart-1024x576 SNS-QueenHeart-1024x576 Disclaimer: The only thing preventing me from appearing dumb is my layered armor | Capcom courtesy of HGG / Jacob Johnson

Because the Queen’s Rapier only inflicts poison with sword blows, this build focuses on obtaining white sharpness and then maintaining it using Protective Polish.

Skills: Weapon/Ramp-up/Switch Armor Prioritize your skills
Rapier of the Queen Crown of Kaiser Wilhelm II 3rd Handicraft
Boost Your Attacks II Vaik S 3-in-1 Protective Polish
Drill Slash Combo S is for sinister 3rd Weakness Exploitation
Advancing Slash S Anjanath Coil S Anjanath Coil Anjanath Coil S Anjanath Coil S Anjanath Coil S 3rd critical boost
Windmill Ingot S 7th Critical Eye

This combined package will provide you a solid start on a few excellent abilities while still leaving you with enough slots to acquire everything else you’ll need. To obtain white sharpness, you’ll need at least one extra point of Handicraft from your talisman or decorations. After that, you’ll want to add Protective Polish to at least 2 points (preferably 3), so you can retain whatever white you have. Weakness Exploit > Critical Boost > Critical Eye > Attack Boost may be used to fill up any leftover spaces.

Speed Sharpening will reactivate Protective Polish with any leftover level 1 slots (after Flinch Free if playing multiplayer). If you have the space, you may also throw in some Poison Attack.

This build is more focused on fighting with the sword than the shield, as shown by our Switch Skill suggestions. For tiny holes, use the Drill Slash Combo, while for larger ones, use the Perfect Rush. Protective Polish mitigates some of Windmill’s drawbacks, allowing you to utilize it to deliver a large amount of poison at once.

Build 4 – Ninja Sword, how are you?

SNS-HiNinja-1024x576 SNS-HiNinja-1024x576 Capcom courtesy of HGG / Jacob Johnson

The Hello, Ninja Sword!, one of my favorite looking Sword & Shields, returns with Rise. This weapon has a 100% affinity, which means that every strike will crit. By combining it with Master’s Touch for a lot of sharpness, this build tries to take use of it.

Skills: Weapon/Ramp-up/Switch Armor Prioritize your skills
Hi Ninja Sword Glare of Kushala 3rd Master’s Touch
Boost Silkbind Vaik S 3rd critical boost
Hard Basher Combo S is for sinister 7th Attack Boost
Advancing Slash Anjanath Coil S 3rd Resistance to Stun
Metsu Shoryugeki S. Hunter’s Greaves Sharpening Speed 3

Because our weapon begins with 100% affinity, this set is identical to our Queen’s Rapier build, but it substitutes any affinity-boosting abilities with Handicraft or Attack Boost. If you increase Master’s Touch to 3 points, just 20% of your strikes will lose sharpness.

The next most important priority is Critical Boost, after which you may take as much Attack Boost as your talisman allows. You may always sacrifice some Attack Boost for defensive abilities like Evade Extender or Evade Window if you don’t mind the DPS loss. You may swap the Sinister S gloves for Rathalos Braces S (additional Attack Boost!) if you think 4 points of Handicraft is too much.

Shield-bashes from the Hard Basher Combo and Metsu Shoryugeki are now punches to the monster’s face, since the weapon model substitutes the shield with a bracelet. You can easily swap them out for Drill Slash Combo and Windmill since you’re almost impervious to sharpness loss. However, there will be no punching.

Build 5 – Support/Healing

SNS-Healing-1024x576 SNS-Healing-1024x576 Image: Capcom via HGG / Jacob Johnson

Switching gears a little, this build is all about assisting others in being the best they can be. Because Sword & Shields don’t need to be sheathed to utilize goods, you may use it in conjunction with the Wide-Range Skill to heal and keep your fellow hunters in the battle.

Skills: Weapon/Ramp-up/Switch Armor Prioritize your skills
Sword of Rampage S Utsushi Mask (V) Utsushi Mask (V) Utsushi Mask (V 5 Wide-Range
Paralysis II, Attack Boost IV Utsushi Chest (V) S Utsushi Chest (V) S Utsushi Chest 3rd Speed Eating 
Drill Slash Combo Utsushi Braces (V) S Utsushi Braces (V) S Utsushi Braces 7th Attack Boost
Sliding Slash Tassets Utsushi (V) S Sharpening Speed 3
Metsu Shoryugeki Utsushi Greaves (V) S Utsushi Greaves (V) S Utsushi Greaves Stun Resistance

The Utsushi (Visible) set includes all of the support talents you’ll need, but none of the attacking abilities. This build is best utilized in multiplayer, ideally with three other hunters. Because of your healing, the other players’ DPS remains constant throughout the battle, compensating for your lack of offensive abilities. To boost the DPS of the other players, you may bring traps, demon medicines, and flash bombs.

The Rampage Sword S offers excellent damage when ramped up, and it enables you to apply paralysis to boost your team’s damage even more. You may also add Paralysis Attack to your hunts with the appropriate talisman to obtain additional paralysis procs.

The Drill Slash Combo will help you build up your paralysis quicker, and the Metsu Shoryugeki will help you KO the monster. Sliding Slash may assist in KOs, monster riding, and removing tails from reach.

Be a part of the High Ground

That’s our opinion on some of the greatest Sword & Shield strategies in MHR. Please share your best Sword & Shield build in the comments, and don’t forget to sign up for our Monster Hunter build instructions through email!

The monster hunter rise sword and shield tree is a guide that will teach you how to use the best weapons in Monster Hunter Rise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best sword and shield Monster Hunter Rise?

The best sword and shield Monster Hunter Rise is the Rathalos Shield.

Is sword and shield good in Monster Hunter Rise?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

What is the best weapon in Monster Hunter Rise?

The best weapon in Monster Hunter Rise is the Hammer.

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