FIFA 22 | Best Keyboard Controls and How To Change

FIFA 22 is the latest installment in EA’s popular soccer series. It has a new story mode, and some new features that can be accessed by using keyboard controls.

The fifa 21 keyboard controls not working is a problem that has been present for a while. FIFA 22 offers some new keyboard controls that can be used to change the game.

If you love playing FIFA, then the newest installment in the series, FIFA 22, will pique your interest. Even on a medium-end machine, the game seems highly tuned and plays smoothly. Check read my post if you want to learn about the finest FIFA 22 settings. This article is for those of you who, like myself, play FIFA on a keyboard. I’ll attempt to assist you with changing the game’s keybinds and showing you the optimal controls for playing the game correctly. They involve doing amazing feats, talents, and other activities. Continue reading…

On PC, the Best Keyboard Controls for FIFA 22

Here are the FIFA keybindings I use: g8bO0GUNNc


W Using the Ball
A Pass/Cross/Header for Lob Pass/Cross/Header for Lob Pass/Cross
D Shoot/Volley/Header
S Header/Short Pass
Q Modifier/Player Run
Z Modifier for Finesse Shots
C Ball must be protected.
E Sprint
UP ARROW Upward Progression
ARROW DOWN Movement Downward
ARROW ON THE LEFT The Left-Wing Movement
ARROW TO THE RIGHT The Correct Movement
F [GK Only] Switch Camera
K Tactics for Attacking
L Tactics for Defending Yourself
J Mentality
SPACE Mentality
1 (Skill/Right-Stick) Up Movement
3 (Skill/Right-Stick) The Left-Wing Movement
2 (Skill/Right-Stick) Down Movement
4 The Correct Movement (Skill/Right-Stick) is a skill or a stick that allows you to move in the right direction.


W GK Rush (Hold Down)
A Slide Tackle is a kind of tackle that is used to
D Pull or tackle/push (while chasing)
S Contain
Q Switch to another player
Z Containment by teammates
C Jockey
E Sprint
UP ARROW Upward Progression
ARROW DOWN Movement Downward
F [GK Only] Switch Camera
K Tactics for Attacking
L Tactics for Defending Yourself
J Mentality
SPACE Mentality
1 (Skill/Right-Stick) Up Movement
3 (Skill/Right-Stick) Left Movement
2 (Skill/Right-Stick) Down Movement
4 Right Movement (Skill/Right-Stick) is a skill or a stick that allows you to move in the right direction.

In FIFA 22, how do you change the keyboard controls?

To modify the keybinds for the game, use the Esc button when playing a casual game to get to the settings. The settings are also accessible from the main menu. The problem with doing this in-game is that the settings don’t always save. To ensure correct saving, I recommend only making these changes from the main menu, under your profile settings.

To personalize, go to the Main Menu and choose Customize. To enter, touch on Settings. To make the modifications you desire, go to Customize Controls and choose the options you want. Change the Control device to Keyboard Only first. Now close that window and reopen it. If you modify the settings and then start setting bindings right away, the game will crash, so do this instead. Then, by default, press E to bring up the “Attack” option. You may customize your keyboard bindings from there. Once you’ve adjusted the appropriate bindings here, the defense tab will update automatically.

If you hit Esc after you’ve finished binding them, you’ll be sent to a Save window. DO NOT USE ANY TEMPORARY SETTINGS TO SAVE IT. Choose an available spot and store it there. The settings will save to your personal profile if you performed everything correctly, and everything should load up nicely once you start a game. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND changing the parameters in the middle of a game. You can see it in the video I posted earlier.





Useful Hints and Techniques for Using the Binds

In the game, I perform a lot of skill moves with the bindings 1,2,3, and 4. It’s something I use for both recreational and competitive gaming. This is very helpful and may come in handy while attempting to avoid players. For instance, pressing 2 and then 4 will provide a feint that will confuse your opponents. Using the aforementioned bindings will also assist you in effectively protecting yourself. Simply switch to a Defending player near the ball, press Z to confine a teammate, then press S to apply pressure to yourself. As an alternative to constantly being on the offensive, this is a smart method to defend.

If you’re on offense, pressing S while holding Q is a fantastic method to break through a tight defense. This will cause the passer to run, and you can then throw a through ball or a lobbed through to fully open up the defense and put your opponent in splits. I have a few more suggestions for people that are just getting started with FIFA. If you’d want to learn more, please leave a remark. Also, please leave any questions or ideas in the comments section below. I also have a YouTube channel where I post the most recent gaming stuff. Please have a look at it. Thank you for visiting!

FIFA is a game that has been around for quite some time, but it’s still fun to play. The fifa 21 skill moves keyboard is an article about the best keyboard controls for FIFA 22.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my keyboard to FIFA Controller?

You can change your keyboard to FIFA Controller by going to settings, and then selecting the Keyboard tab. From there you can select which keyboard layout you would like.

How do you change controls on FIFA 21?

The controls can be changed in the settings menu.

How do you change keyboard controls on FIFA 11?

You can change keyboard controls on FIFA 11 by going into the games settings.

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