Best Perks in Deep Rock Galactic, Ranked

Deep Rock Galactic is a multiplayer roguelike video game where players explore deep space looking for valuable minerals. Players are able to purchase perks with real virtual currency and trade them in-game, which can make the lifetime cost of the game affordable even at higher difficulty levels.

The “best perks deep rock galactic 2021” is a list of the best perks in Deep Rock Galactic. This list ranks all of the perks, from most to least powerful.

Best Perks in Deep Rock Galactic, Ranked

One of the most significant enhancements to Deep Rock Galactic was been released! More players than ever are tuning in to one of the greatest co-op FPS games produced in recent years, thanks to the release of Season 1.

Everything you might desire in a multiplayer PvE shooter is available in this game. There are several classes, each with its own set of powers. A comprehensive mechanism for customizing guns. There are many different biomes to explore and quests to complete.

We’ll just be focusing at one area of DRG in this guide: its excellent perk system. It might be tough to pick which alternatives are best for your construction (particularly if you’re a greenbeard) when there are so many to choose from.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered!


Second Chance

The passive perk “Second Wind” kicks off our list of the finest perks listed in Deep Rock Galactic. After running for 4 seconds at peak level, your dwarf will earn a 12 percent speed increase.

20211202211423_1-1024x576 20211202211423_1-1024x576 Ghost Ship Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

It takes a long time to go through Hoxxes IV’s massive caverns. It’s critical to stay on top of your team! That is why, except from scout, I like using this perk in all of my classes. It’s a simple yet underappreciated benefit that everyone should take advantage of.

This isn’t a very popular benefit, and I understand why. It doesn’t do anything to improve the game; all it does is give you a boost in speed. For the Scout class, it’s essentially worthless (thanks to his grappling hook).



Next, we have “Berzerker,” our first active perk. With a 4-minute cooldown, you may enhance your melee damage and the charge-up time for your power strike for 10 seconds when completely improved.

20211202211317_1-1024x576 20211202211317_1-1024x576 Ghost Ship Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

When combined with other perks, this benefit may be rather beneficial. You may fast regain a lot of health if you select the “Vampire” perk. If the cooldown was shorter, this one would be far higher on the list… Unfortunately, you’d be better off choosing something different.

This isn’t the worst perk in the game, but it falls flat on its own. Even if adversaries suffer more damage, it still takes a few shots to put them down. It’s wonderful to be able to power strike more quickly, but you’re still best off dealing with adversaries with your weaponry.


Depositor with a long history

We have the passive reward “Veteran Depositor” at place 13. Once completely rated, you’ll be able to deposit minerals 50% faster than usual. When you get near to the drop pod or Molly, you also get a 30% damage mitigation.

20211202211352_1-1024x576 20211202211352_1-1024x576 Ghost Ship Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

This benefit appeals to me much. When you’re playing a defensive class like the Engineer, having the ability to reduce damage by 30% comes in useful. I normally use it for Salvage Operations, and I’m pleased with the results.

Many gamers are uninterested in this benefit and will typically pass it up. It everything makes sense. It’s good to be able to deposit minerals quicker, but there are so many other benefits that it’s difficult to justify choosing this over anything else.


Enhanced Senses

After that, we’ll look at the current perk “Heightened Sense.” When specific monsters (such as a Cave Leech or a Mactera Grabber) are ready to attack you, the passive element of this perk informs you. When you are caught, the active effect allows you to break free up to two times, killing the adversary in the process.

20211202211401_1-1-1024x576 20211202211401_1-1-1024x576 Ghost Ship Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

If you’re not acquainted with cave leeches, they may be difficult to avoid, and Mactera Grabbers are just irritating. If you often spy ahead of your squad, I would suggest this benefit. Alternatively, if you want to play alone. It can save your life in a variety of scenarios, particularly if the rest of your team is down and unable to assist.

If you want to remain close to your team, this is inconvenient. It is relatively simple for your colleagues to shoot you free if you are captured by a Cave Leech. Cave Leeches aren’t a big deal if you’re playing a character like Scout, who can light up caverns with his flare rifle.



It’s the passive perk “Resupplier” at position 11 here. When the highest rank is attained, players may get health and ammunition from resupply pods 50% quicker, as well as acquire 25% more health! Additionally, upon collection, all weapons will be reloaded.

20211130191216_1-1024x576 20211130191216_1-1024x576 Ghost Ship Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

This is an excellent perk to have on Deep Dives and Hazard 5 difficulties. During a swarm, being able to reload your ammunition and health quickly is quite beneficial, and there are several of them with more challenging difficulties. Overall, this is a niche advantage, but it may come in handy in the appropriate circumstances.

There isn’t much need to choose this benefit when there are better ones on this list, save from the few rare conditions stated. Because of this, I seldom run with it.


Pockets that are deep

Starting with the top ten on our Deep Rock Galactic list: The Best Benefits We have “Deep Pockets” ranked. This is a non-active perk that only accomplishes one thing. It expands your storage capacity, enabling you to store up to 15 more treasures per mineral.

20211130191132_1-1024x576 20211130191132_1-1024x576 Ghost Ship Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

This is a perk that I think is beneficial for all mission kinds, but notably Mining Expeditions. While its job is basic, you’ll be collecting minerals a lot throughout the game, thus you’ll be utilizing it almost constantly. It’s ideal for Scouts since it allows them to access to hard-to-get minerals more quicker and more easily.

Despite this, “Deep Pockets” is a simple perk that won’t significantly alter how you play the game. It also doesn’t contribute as much to the team chemistry as some of the other perks, and it provides no combat benefit.


We’ll meet again in Hell.

“See You in Hell” takes the top position at number nine. After being hit by an adversary, the passive ability momentarily increases melee damage. While fallen and surrounded by bugs, the active section enables you to generate a “nano-pulse explosion.” A portion of the explosion will stay behind you, scaring foes away.

20211130191236_1-1024x576 20211130191236_1-1024x576 Ghost Ship Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

If you find yourself feeling down a lot or if you play on harsher levels, this is an excellent perk to have. When you’re knocked unconscious, you have the power to hurt and frighten away pests, which is fantastic! It allows your teammates plenty of time to resurrect you. This ability may be used up to three times every mission, and it has a longer range and a one-minute cooldown at max level!

Let’s face it, no one chooses this perk for the increased melee damage. It only activates while you’re being assaulted, and it only lasts 1.5 seconds until it fades away. The passive part of this one isn’t very spectacular until you combine it with other melee perks.


Born Prepared

This is the passive benefit “Born Ready,” which is number 8 on our list. After 5 seconds, any empty weapon you’re carrying at tier 3 is instantly reloaded.

20211130191136_1-1024x576 20211130191136_1-1024x576 Ghost Ship Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

This is a basic perk to have in your arsenal, but it’s really useful. It’s very beneficial for Scout and Engineer courses. This is due to the fact that they each have three reloadable weapons/tools. It’s difficult enough to concentrate on the objective at hand without having to juggle three distinct pieces of gear!

It may take some time to become acclimated to this benefit if you decide to utilize it. I found myself going through all of my stuff to manually reload everything after the first few missions out of habit! It became a lot more beneficial for me when the first difficult period passed.


Medic on the Field

The current perk “Field Medic” is number 7 on this list. This helps you to resurrect your fallen teammates more quickly (30 percent quicker at max rank). By clicking the fire button, you may also quickly resuscitate one buddy every mission.

20211130191227_1-1024x576 20211130191227_1-1024x576 Ghost Ship Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

If you play a lot with randoms or unskilled people, this is one of the nicest bonuses you can acquire. I spend more time recovering teammates than mining ores, thus having this perk makes things a lot simpler. Enemy bugs will flee when you start reviving at peak rank, in addition to resurrecting quicker!

Each task only allows you to immediately resurrect a partner once. As a result, you’ll need to be cautious about how you utilize it. It’s most suited for the Gunner class (due to his Shield Generator), so if he’s not your primary, you may want to go with a different perk.


Link to the Shield

The current perk “Shield Link” occupies place number six. When you’re near a buddy, the passive side provides you a quicker shield recharge rate. For 30 seconds, the active section allows you to enhance an ally’s shields by 300 percent!

20211130191157_1-1024x576 20211130191157_1-1024x576 Ghost Ship Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

This is, in my view, the most underappreciated feature in the game. During swarming and boss bouts, the ability to offer your friend more protection is quite important. Its passive, on the other hand, is ideal for players that want to stay close to their teams. The active effect’s cooldown is just 2 minutes at full rank, so you don’t have to be too strategic with how you utilize it.

I wouldn’t suggest this perk for the Scout class, since he is often separated from the rest of the group. This implies he won’t be able to take use of the perk’s passive benefits. This perk is completely worthless if you are a lone player.



Starting with the top 5 on our Deep Rock Galactic: Best Perks article We have the passive bonus “Thorns” if we are ranked. When you have this item equipped, every adversary that assaults you with a melee hit will receive some damage (24 at max rank).

20211130191222_1-1024x576 20211130191222_1-1024x576 Ghost Ship Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

If you like getting up up and personal with the beasties, this is an excellent perk to have. In a game like Deep Rock Galactic, you’re nearly certain to incur damage at some point throughout the game. It’s really handy to have a perk that can return some of that.

The biggest disadvantage of this perk is that it only works if you are being harmed, and it does not apply to ranged assaults. Furthermore, there are a number of situations in which you are unlikely to suffer any melee damage at all. When you’re on a zipline or using your grappling hook, for example.



Let’s take a look at the active perk “Dash” at number four. Dwarves may obtain a lightning-quick speed increase that entirely overcomes all slowness effects with this mobility-based boon. At maximum level, it has a 25-second cooldown and may be used by double-tapping shift while moving.

20211130191140_1-1024x576 20211130191140_1-1024x576 Ghost Ship Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

This is the game’s finest mobility perk by a long shot! It’s especially handy for classes like Driller and Engineer, which don’t have much in the way of tools for getting out of difficulty fast. If you’re in a tight situation during a swarm or need to get to a fallen teammate quickly, “Dash” is the perk for you.

The surge of speed is very enjoyable… However, it doesn’t last long and isn’t really useful for navigating the map. It is largely effective for solitary players and those stuck in a terrible position, and has little team utility outside from a few specialized instances.



The passive perk “Vampire” comes in third place on our list. You will get 5 health if you kill specific foes with a melee assault (at max rank).

20211130191133_1-1024x576 20211130191133_1-1024x576 Ghost Ship Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

This is the only perk I use on all four classes in the game. Although 5 damage may not seem like much, being able to power strike adversaries and gain 5 health every 30-seconds adds up quickly. It might be difficult to get red sugar late in the game, but selecting the “Vampire” perk assures you’ll always have a steady supply of healing.

Normal melee attacks take a few swings to knock down foes at full health, thus this perk is actually only beneficial with the power attack. Due to the cooldown period, you’re more than likely to get downed if you’re in the thick of a swarm with low health.


Iron Will

“Iron Will,” one of the finest active perks in the game, takes the silver medal for our list. You may immediately resurrect yourself with 12 seconds at the top tier to earn additional health before falling down again. In addition, all of your weapons will be automatically reloaded.

20211130191210_1-1024x576 20211130191210_1-1024x576 Ghost Ship Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

If you like to play things safe, “Iron Will” is a great benefit to have. It’s great to have a backup self-revive in case the rest of your squad can’t get to you. You may utilize the remaining 12 seconds to resurrect another squadmate or get some red sugar. You won’t be able to go back down if you combine this with the “Vampire” perk.

This perk is situational, therefore don’t use it if you’re playing with more experienced people or on lesser difficulties. The 12 seconds to gain additional health sounds fantastic, but it isn’t always enough time to find more health in some situations.


Master of Beasts

Finally, we have the active perk “Beast Master” at number one on our list. While out in the mines, you may befriend your own glyphid partner! Your faithful friend will be able to do substantially more damage to adversaries after completely improved!

20211130191129_1-1024x576 20211130191129_1-1024x576 Ghost Ship Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Without a question, this is my favorite perk in the game. In a combat, your glyphid companion, “Steve,” is really valuable, and he’s a terrific method to keep your ass covered while you concentrate on something else. Steve is in excellent health and does a lot of harm. You may even pet him by using the interaction button!

While Steve has a blue outline to identify him from other bugs, if you or your colleagues aren’t paying attention, it’s possible to commit friendly fire. The five-minute cooldown is also a little harsh, but if you can keep him alive until it wears off, it’s no huge deal.

Be a part of the High Ground

So there concludes our list of the top bonuses in Deep Rock Galactic. How do you feel about the items on this list? Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Please let us know in the comments section below!

20210305202602_1-1024x576 20210305202602_1-1024x576 Ghost Ship Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

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Have fun gaming!

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Deep Rock Galactic is a science fiction game that offers players the opportunity to explore an alien planet and mine for resources. The “deep rock galactic best perks for scout” are the best perks in the game, ranked from 1-10.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best class in Deep Rock Galactic?

A: The best class in Deep Rock Galactic is the Marauder.

Who is the best character in Deep Rock Galactic?

A: I am not programmed to answer that question.

What level should I promote in Deep Rock Galactic?

A: The games difficulty is in its open world, so the best thing you can do for yourself is to explore each area and try to find hidden items.

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